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Programmatic advertising brings new ad technologies and revenue streams to your ad stack. We believe it´s important for programmatic to have its own representation, not remaining on the sidelines compared to traditional advertising.

As a result, we created WeProgrammatic as a contact point for publishers who want to start their programmatic journey or optimize their current setup to the fullest.


We strive to bring new financial resources to our publishers that will contribute to the development and production of high-quality content.

We believe that the products and services we offer will help you uncover hidden reserves and fulfill your advertising potential, all while maintaining a positive UX visitor experience.


We acknowledge that each publisher sets their internal priorities differently, therefore, we tailor our products and services according to your individual needs.


Behind every client, we see real people working hard. That motivates us to seek genuine and, above all, functional solutions.


We believe that programmatic advertising is the future of the digital market, and therefore, it is particularly important for publishers to have someone to turn to.


By establishing additional revenue streams, you can invest in creating new content, acquiring technical equipment, or improving the working conditions of your employees.

Our values

Our team's first endeavour began with Slovak publisher Zoznam s.r.o. and their portfolio of more than 50 online magazines.

It includes popular portals such as Topky, Športky, and Feminity. Thanks to programmatic advertising, Zoznam has been able to strengthen its position in the market.


Since 2021, we have provided support for the development of programmatic advertising for the publishing company OUR MEDIA SR a.s. and the news television website TA3.


Meet the team.

Who is behind our success?

František Kosír

Senior yield management specialist

Marek Mego

Yield Manager

Filip Alberty

Junior Yield Manager

Gabriela Platková

Yield Manager

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We are proud of our partnerships who help us achieve our goals and bring us new opportunities.

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We are located in the beautiful historical building Pradiareň 1900 on Svätoplukova Street in Bratislava.